Thank you for wanting to know more about Fashion Moves,
I very welcome you to the space where I experiment with my own personal style and balance reality with fantasy.
Every week I will be putting together an outfit in motion(clips) and in stillness(pictures)
– connecting personal style with expression, body with movement, beauty with self awareness.
As a firm believer that ideas are meant to be implemented and that people are meant to be working together in order to showcase their gifts to the world, I would love for you to get involved:
If you are making music: I would be more than happy to dress a clip with your tunes
If you are a videographer or photographer: I will be so happy to collaborate on new content together.
If you are writing down anything you feel like sending: I will be including your words to the clips.
Eventually and hopefully this blog will become a surface for great visual content and great collaborations.
Thank you,
Come back for more,
                                                   Send me your thoughts,

Eleni P.