Fashion Post

Summer Park

Hoops: Parfois
favorita 2
Tiered Cotton Skirt:  H&M
Cropped off-the shoulder top: H&M
Bag: Mikromagazo
Shoes: Mango (old) , Similar: Here


Lately I enjoy my spare time beyond normal. A bit of summer, a bit of Paris made me not very productive at my blog, but few surprises are coming soon…

I guess I needed some time and space. My philosophy is: Follow your flow and do not pressure your self too much on things that not only can wait but at the end of the day need to wait in order to get refreshed, reborn or die completely.To FM first case scenario happened.

I found this colourful skirt on H&M for 20euros on sale and immediately I pictured it as you can see it here.  I do not wait or scroll down on other people’s photos, or look online for style inspiration or buy any magazine. In fact I can’t remember the last time I bought a fashion magazine but I do admit I love ID and Vice because true talent and inspirational work lies in there. As far as this blog though my imagination is my DOP and my body is my stylist. I imagine the set , the music, the hair , the make up, the vibe only by looking at a piece of clothing or just by observing the space around me. Better not wait for someone to point you out your style. Get creative. Inspiration is located   e v e r y w h e r e 🙂

Clip on this one is coming soon

Hope you liked it. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Until the next post,
Stay in touch,
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