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DSC_1209.00_01_00_45.Still002oui je taime

pleaseoui monsieuroui

This is a lovely oversized  shirt from Zara perfect for the breeze of summer. You can find it here. Similar here and here.

I was leaving from the beach and the golden hour was so beautiful that I couldn’t stand to miss.
I have learned to appreciate every moment in my life and I started by appreciating mother nature. So I jumped and shot. It’s been a while since I filmed something spontaneously and simply. It’s always nice to work with people who hold the camera as a profession but it’s also nice to be on your own. I once read that you can learn anything, even how to play an instrument, in 48hours. Dunno if it’s true but I like it:) Makes me think that the world is full of supermen and superwomen.

This is the first time am putting words into a clip. I started redefining love and how it will work, at least for me, and this is just a small part of my thoughts.

Because of the waves and the thoughts I used delta frequency and a lower theta frequency as a sound background. The are five brain waves that are measured in cycles per second (Hz) and have their own set of characteristics. When I was working a lot abroad I used to go home and listen to alpha waves in order to relax and get rid of the chatter in my mind. Now that am writing this post I am listening to this which is beta(for work) and alpha(relaxation) together so is perfect for this relaxed work.

The highest frequency to lowest are as follows: gamma, beta,alpha, theta, and delta.

The Brainwaves

Image: Ned Herrmann, The Creative Brain. Source Scientificamerican

You can check the above link if you are intrigued to learn more about this matter.

Until the next post,

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Eleni P.


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