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Suit Parallax

DOP: Richard William Preisner
Track: Belua-Change

Oversized Checked Jacket: Zara
Asymmetric Poplin Shirt: Zara
Tie: Exes
Checked Trousers: Zara
Sock Ankle Boots: Zara

                                                         Femininity Vs Masculinity
Both F and M lie within us.
Entwined and tangled at first, in a seemingly eternal battle. It is not a battle though. It’s a process. A process through which one can define their being.
Four things you need to know:
1. There is a Feminine way to do Male-dominated stuff and there is a Male way to do Feminine-dominated stuff also. STOP confusing gender with expression. And by ‘expression’ I mean a lot of things, like thought processing patterns, views, emotional aptitude, decision-making process… all that our Male and Female brains fundamentally do differently.
2. The truth is that you can be anything by playing out that role. The KEY is to be comfortable in your skin at most times so when you decide to show up as a different you, not to get confused in the process.
3. It is a matter of experiences, role models and decisions on what finally comes forward. You get to play and experiment, you get to try and test. The more you do, the more you have explored aspects of yourself.
4. There is no right or wrong way to be a F or M. There are the ways that feel uncomfortable and inauthentic to you. There is the way that feels comfortable and authentic to you.
Your job is to find that 1 way. It will not be what you think it is. You are trying too hard to first define it so you can safely be it. This is not how it works. Be willing to explore and let it rise. It is an empirical process, NOT a mental one.
Be brave. Go out and play,

Andri Antoniou
Wellbeing Coach and Entrepreneur


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